Electrical Panel Service and Replacement Services in Cleveland, OH

How old is your home’s electrical panel? When was the last time it was inspected or serviced? What does the wiring running to and from the electrical panel look like? Have you been experiencing electrical issues, even seemingly minor ones, in your home? All those questions may seem a bit random and potentially pointless, but they, and their answers, are extremely important.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the situation. If certain electrical issues exist in your home, such as flickering lights or outlets that don’t work, chances are you’ve noticed. That being said, many people chalk up the seemingly insignificant ones to normal occurrences. At the same time, most homeowners don’t really know the answers to the first three questions, and that could ultimately develop into a serious problem.

Expert Electricians at Your Service

At HomeTown Electrical Doctor, we know how important those previously mentioned questions and their answers are. We also have the experience, training, and certification to ask those and other essential questions about homes in Cleveland. We have the knowledge and tools to find their answers and deal with them accordingly as well. Our dedicated team of experts is here to provide a range of Electrical Services to keep local homeowners and their families safe and comfortable.

Exploring Your Home’s Electrical Panel

Electrical panels supply power to all the circuits running through homes. They receive electricity from power lines outside and distribute it as needed throughout the house. These panels contain several switches called circuit breakers.

One circuit breaker can shut off power to the entire house while the others serve individual circuits. One may send power to the kitchen whereas another is connected to the living and dining rooms for example. In some homes, a single room could be connected to multiple breakers.

That’s the basic rundown of an electrical panel, but these unassuming metal boxes are far more complex than those few details might lead people to believe. They’re designed to improve safety and functionality as they direct power to various circuits. Considering their importance and the fact that they’re constantly in use, having electric panel services performed by professional electricians is crucial.

How Do I Know If My Electrical Panel Needs to Be Serviced?

Knowing when an electrical panel needs professional attention isn’t always a simple matter. That brings us back to the questions we asked earlier and other important points. First off, let’s examine the age of your electrical panel.

Electrical panels can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, but they eventually need to be replaced. If yours is older than that, it may be time to contact us for panel replacement services. In the event your home is still equipped with a fuse box rather than a modern electrical panel, please consider having it upgraded.


Now, we’ll take a look at electrical panel inspections. Having your home’s electrical system, including the panel, inspected at least every five years is recommended. Electrical systems are under constant strain, and they carry incredible amounts of power. If their components become worn or damaged, they can be extremely dangerous, greatly increasing the risks of house fires, shocks, and electrocutions.

If it has been more than five years since your electrical panel and system were inspected, now is the time to have it done. If you don’t know when the system was last inspected, contact us as soon as possible to set up an appointment. In the event you think there might be an electrical problem developing, don’t hesitate to schedule an inspection no matter how recent the last one may have been.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Frequently tripping circuit breakers is a common problem in homes. You may find that when an appliance springs into action or someone plugs a device or appliance into an outlet, it causes a circuit breaker to trip. In turn, it cuts off the power to everything connected to that circuit. Though flipping the breaker back to its original position may solve the problem, it’s only a temporary fix.

Breakers are designed to shut off power when there’s a problem in the circuits they’re connected to. If you have breakers that frequently trip, this could be a sign of a damaged or overloaded circuit among other potentially dangerous issues. Don’t ignore the problem; contact us for professional intervention right away.

Keeping Your Electrical System Safe and Up to Date

Without modern electrical systems, we wouldn’t have all the features we enjoy today, like television, internet, dishwashers, and automatic washing machines and dryers to name a few. Though electricity is crucial, it can also be dangerous especially if your home’s electrical system and panel are worn or damaged. Whether you’d like the extra peace of mind that comes from a clear inspection or you need help with a serious electrical problem, contact us. We’re always on hand to help, and we’re dedicated to your safety and satisfaction.